In-Home care: Pricing and Eligibility.

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The elderly population in Sydney forms a whopping 15 per cent of the city’s residents. When it comes to caring for our seniors, in-home care services are the rising trend. You select an in-home care service provider that is appropriate for your needs. The government then pays your provider a stipend to put together a package for in home care in Sydney. Because everyone’s care needs are different, Home Care Packages are divided into four levels, each with a specific funding amount. These range from simple assistance to high-level care.

Your requirements determine your package level. This article will discuss various aspects of in home care in Sydney.

How much will it cost?

If you can pay it, you are required to contribute to the cost of your treatment. There are three types of fees in your contribution:

  • The basic daily ($11.26 as of March 20, 2022).

Your provider may request that you pay a daily baseline cost based on the amount of your home care package.

  • Fee for care based on income (up to $32.30 starting March 20, 2022)

Some persons may also have to pay a care costs based on their income. A formal income assessment from Services Australia determines whether you spend it and how much you pay. There are yearly and lifetime limits on how much you can be requested to pay if you must pay this.

  • Additional charges may apply.

Any additional fees you have agreed to pay for additional care and services not included by your Home Care Package.

Level 1  Basic care needs – $9,026.45 a year

Level 2  Low care needs – $15,877.50 a year

Level 3  Intermediate care needs – $34,550.90 a year

Level 4  High care needs – $52,377.50 a year

You and your selected provider work together to determine your care needs and how to effectively use your package funds. Your service provider is in charge of coordinating and managing your services on your behalf. A wide range of organisations around Australia provides services.

How to check eligibility?

Your eligibility is established by an assessment of your care needs, but you must also be:

An individual with a disability, mental health problems, or other health requirements not met by existing speciality services, or an elderly person who needs assistance to help them live at home.

Your financial position will have no bearing on your eligibility. However, you’ll need a monetary assessment to figure out how much you’ll be expected to give.

If you simply require a little amount of assistance, such as one or two services, a Home Care Package may not be necessary. The Commonwealth Home Support Programme may be a better fit for you if you need assistance at home.

How long will a Home Care Package take to arrive?

The time it takes to acquire a Home Care Package after you’ve been assessed as qualified is determined by the package level you’re eligible for.

The urgency with which someone requires services can influence how long it takes to acquire a Home Care Package. Those with greater or more pressing needs are given priority in receiving assistance.

The predicted wait time for an approved Home Care Package for clients with a medium priority is:

  • Level 1-3 – 6 months
  • Level 2-6 – 9 months
  • Level 3-6 – 9 months
  • Level 4-6 – 9 months

Depending on the services you’re waiting for, you can check your wait time in a variety of ways.

Contact the local operators or My Aged Care to see if they have any if you’re eligible for Commonwealth Home Support Programme services.

If you’ve been approved for in-home care in Sydney, you may find out how long you’ll have to wait by calling My Aged Care or signing into your myGov account.

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