What makes a good logo


The logo performs various tasks, the main one of which is advertising the brand and its products. A good logo will contribute to the growth of brand awareness and popularity, which will increase the company’s profit. That is why it is necessary to create a good logo, which at the same time will differ favorably from the logos of competitors.

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The logo is the face of the brand. It is to him that the potential buyer first of all pays attention. The logo is a symbol (icon, drawing, text designation, etc.) that is associated with a certain brand, and is also placed on the manufactured products.

Despite the fact that the logo is a small image, it performs many tasks and is one of the main elements of business success. By placing the logo on the company’s products, manufacturers not only distinguish their goods from those of competitors, but also guarantee its quality, and also protect the brand’s reputation, which may suffer from counterfeiting.

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Today there are several ways to make a good logo, namely:

1) Make a logo yourself,

2) Order the creation of a logo in special agencies or from freelance designers,

3) Create a logo in special logo designers.

At the same time, each of the methods has certain disadvantages and advantages.

1) Self-production of the logo

It requires certain skills, as well as special programs with which the logo will be created. At the same time, it is additionally necessary to independently study current trends in order to create a logo that will differ favorably from the logos of competitors. It will also take a fairly large amount of time that will be spent directly on the development and creation of the logo, but the final version in most cases will meet all the requirements of the brand owner.

This method is quite complicated, but when you create a logo yourself, you can save money, as well as learn new skills that will allow you to change the logo during rebranding in the future.

2) Order the creation of a logo in special agencies or from freelance designers

Creating a logo in special agencies is quite a financial and time-consuming process. At the initial stage, all the wishes that will need to be embodied in the logo will be listened to, after which the development of primary options will begin, in the future the customer chooses the most liked option, after which it will be improved until it perfectly meets all the requirements and wishes.

The logo can be created for a long time, because it will take a lot of time to coordinate and make edits, while the final cost of the logo will also increase.

The advantages of this method of creating a logo include the fact that the creation of the logo will be handled by real professionals who are well aware of all current trends, and also have additional skills that will allow you to create a really good and unique logo.

The disadvantages include the fact that you will have to pay a lot for this work, as well as the fact that the process of creating a logo can take quite a long time, which in some situations can lead to certain inconveniences (especially at the stage of starting a business).

3) Create a logo in special logo designers

Today, artificial intelligence is rapidly developing and its capabilities are used in logo designers, which allow you to create a unique and really good logo that will meet all trends, as well as the wishes of the customer.

This method of creating logos has a number of advantages, namely:

– The ability to create a logo in the shortest possible time,

– Low enough price,

– The ability to independently create a logo, taking into account all requirements and wishes,

– No need for special skills and programs,

– The ability to create several variants of logos (in order to choose the best option or with further refinement of existing ones).

One of the best logo designers is Turbologo, which has a fairly large database of various images (new images are uploaded to the database daily), which allows you to create a unique logo that will differ favorably from the logos of competitors.


Today there are various ways to create really good logos. All of them have certain advantages, so you need to choose the most convenient way to create a logo yourself.

A good logo should correspond to trends in order to differ favorably from the logos of competitors, while it should be attractive and memorable so that consumers remember the brand logo and ultimately make a choice in favor of this brand. A good logo increases the popularity of the company, which ultimately increases the demand for the company’s products and increases its final profit.

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