Australian Winters and Linens

Winters and Linens

In a continent like Australia, where the climatic conditions are wildly ranging, it’s essential to have clothes that cater to all temperatures. Whether it’s the scorching heats from December to February or the chilly winters from June to August – linen clothing comes through all the seasons.

Although most people believe they associate linen with breezy skirts and shirts, the truth is, they are perfect for cool weather too. Now that Sydney, Australia, witnessed the coldest day of the year on June 1, 2022, perhaps it’s time you pick out your linen outfits and wear them right.

So, if you want to know how to make the most of them, read along.

What’s the perfect way of wearing linen clothing during winter?

One of the most effortless ways of wearing a linen outfit is by layering it properly. If you have a linen shirt or dress that’s your absolute favourite, why toss it in the wardrobe because it’s cold?

Mix and match it with a turtleneck. It’s one of the trendiest looks, and the combination of a woolly turtleneck with the smooth linen cloth will look attractive.

You could also try your hand at tonal layering. This means layering the clothes of the same colour palette, yet in different shades or tones. So, for example, if you are wearing a black linen shirt, pair it with a charcoal grey turtleneck to complete the look.

What is the absolute no-no of wearing linen in winter?

While there is hardly any issue with the fabric itself, it’s the colour pairing that could completely break the look. For example, picking a linen outfit with a bright floral pattern or light pastel colour will give a summer vibe.

Try to pick linen with a darker hue like brown, black or navy in winters. They suit the winter theme a lot better. Winters are related to being sombre and calm, and the solid colours offer the same effect.

Top styling tips to pair your linen in winter perfectly

Most people link linens with the springs and summer, yet that’s not the case. They may look like lighter fabric, but they can work very well for chilly weather too.

With the following tips, you can use your linens all year round and never have to part with your favourite pieces:

  • Do not stack away that linen dress already. You can always make it snug by either pairing it with a long blouse or simply throwing on a more oversized vest, sweater or jacket.
  • Always pick darker coloured linens in winter to match the overall vibe of the chilly atmosphere.
  • Got a low-cut jumper? Don’t shiver at the thought of it. Wear a linen blouse underneath, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Always accessorise your outfits well. Say it’s icy and you want to go with the seasonal theme, then you can pair your outfit with a chunky gold necklace over a linen blazer or sweater. The same linen blazer in summer can give a completely different look. How?

Just wear it with a camisole and complete the attire with some delicate bracelets.

  • A medium-weight linen top inside the house will keep you warm.
  • The most important tip of all – matching linen clothes with natural materials like cotton, raw silk or Tencel gives a perfect look.

Wrapping up

If linens are your favourite fabric, your go-to, why should you separate with them because of a couple of cold months?

Linens are breathable, durable and strong. More importantly, they are easy to pair up with anything. So, all you need to do is find the right warm coat, sweater or turtleneck. Additionally, don’t forget to complete the overall look with the right accessory.

With that, you shall be poised and ready to steal the show with your linens all year round.

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