5 useful tips to get the best selfie

5 useful tips to get the best selfie

There was a time when everything was shut for the time being and everybody was home doing nothing all day long. People missed going out and taking good selfies with a great background and lighting of course. But ladies there is no need to be upset about not having to post anything on your social media. You can still do it! Take out your camera or mobile phone and take the best quarantine selfies with these simple tips.

Tricks to capture the good selfies

It’s All About the Lighting

Although it may seem self-evident, the basic principle of selfie-taking is to give importance to your light sources. You’ll need adequate lighting. Natural light is a must. Rather than approaching the tablet screen or tv, face a natural-light window. Better still, go out there and soak in the rays of the sun (with sunscreen on). Circles under the eyes and shadows can be completely eliminated with the right lighting.

Prevent shadows

If in uncertainty, look the sun right into it or away from it. When the sun is high in the sky and the shadows are long, they can appear as sacks beneath the eyes. The best time to photograph is around sunrise or sunset, once the sunlight is dim and the scenery is most attractive.

Make a genuine effort to smile

Don’t make a grin that’s overly broad or forced on your face. Genuine smiles are always preferable. If you want a slightly more somber selfie, “consider smiling with your eyes open.” And you’ll get it correct, practice in front of the mirror. You’ll get the swing of it in no time.

Make Use of Your Angles

When even if there’s any bit of advice you should follow, it’s to hold your chin down and the camera up while taking selfies. When snapping a photo, make sure the phone’s bottom is level with your eyes. Or even better, utilize a selfie stick. They’re absurd in just about every aspect except for one: they make people appear slim and supermodel-like in images since you prop them up higher.

Don’t go overboard with the editing

Since we’re all in retouching and filtering, don’t overdo it and make your selfie look strange. Use a very steady hand when editing. It is indeed easier to lose track of time. Carefully fix up the things that are immediately noticeable to you – those fine creases surrounding the eyes make you appear more human. When you’re applying a filter, you can also choose not to use it to its full capacity. Instead of simply choosing a photo filter on Instagram, click until a sliding bar appears. And you might tone down the filter’s opacity, making the shot seem less altered.

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