5 Types of Headstones for a Befitting Memorial

5 Types of Headstones for a Befitting Memorial

When you visit a cemetery, one of the first things you see are headstones – the markers that help people find their loved one’s final resting places. Depending on your family’s circumstances, you might look at different kinds of headstones. Find the fitting marker to memorialize your loved one by considering their personality, life stage, and more to choose the most fitting memorial to honor their memory and legacy.

  1. Natural Granite Headstone

The most traditional type of headstone consists of natural granite. Natural granite is beautiful and comes in many different colors and styles to suit your preferences. Many people like a natural stone because it will weather naturally and last a lifetime. Whether the family prefers black, grey, or brown, you can find a color that the needs of the memorial. Granite is an excellent choice if you want something that will stand out among all other headstones at a cemetery.

You can also engrave granite with unique words or phrases that mean something special to you or your loved one’s life or their photo on top of it. That will make it very clear to everyone who sees your loved one’s grave precisely who they are and why they were so important. Laser engraving gives you more flexibility because there aren’t any limits on what kinds of designs you can create. You can visit this site to see some examples of laser engraved gravestones in various styles, including classic marble look and bronze finish options.

  1. Grass Level Headstones

If you want something simple and traditional to mark the life of your loved one, a grass-level headstone is perfect. That headstone has no base, so it’s flush with ground level. It consists of granite or marble, and you can engrave it with any design or inscription you choose. Because it doesn’t sit above ground, grass-level headstones are often less expensive than other types of memorials.

These memorials’ designs have a minimal flair and blend seamlessly with natural surroundings. These markers are generally from granite or marble and feature high-quality etching. Occasionally, you can find bronze plaques. Additionally, grass-level headstones are more affordable than other types of memorials. The engraving usually includes details about your loved one’s name, birth date, death date, and even occupation.

  1. Slant Marker Headstone

A slant marker headstone is an elongated, rectangular-shaped tombstone whose design cuts at an angle to appear as though it props up vertically on one end. That type of grave marker can be from either granite or limestone. Due to its unique shape and presentation, many find it very attractive. Whether you want a one or 3-persons slant marker headstone, this type of memorial stone is flexible enough to meet your needs.

The inscriptions are typically along one side of the surface area, but some companies will also offer other types of engravings. If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, then a slant marker headstone might be what you need. You can commission customized slant marker headstone designs instead of using what is available off the shelf.

  1. Companion Headstone

In addition to an engraved headstone, you can also choose to have a companion headstone. When you bury two or more people in one plot, it’s not uncommon to place their names on individual monuments that are side by side. That is especially common when you bury couples or other close relatives or companions together. The design may include a cross, tree, angel wings, or other symbols related to their life and faith. Whether you want the theme to focus on their beliefs, sentimental memories, or both, these memorials will capture your love and respect for your loved ones.

For example, if you buried a husband and wife who loved hiking, you could opt for a granite stone featuring an image of mountains with angels flying above them. You can also opt for a cross companion or a 3D D companion, which allows you to use three-dimensional images instead of just engraving their name on a flat piece of granite. These monuments will enable you to express yourself artistically while still paying tribute to your lost loved one(s).

  1. Infant Monument Headstone

If you’re looking to honor an infant, choose a memorable headstone. You can select a traditional design or opt for something more contemporary. The choice is yours! However, consider how your family would like to remember your child before choosing a monument. You can select an appropriate color and theme that reflects your baby’s personality and interests.

For example, if the baby was born on a national day, you could choose a patriotic-themed monument. Or, you may want to include a unique inscription in their memory. These small details will make all the difference in honoring your little one’s memory.


Memorializing your loved one is an integral part of your healing process. A headstone provides you with an opportunity to create a fitting tribute that pays tribute to your loved one’s life and legacy. When selecting a memorial, it’s essential to consider what kind of message you want to send about your loved one and how you want people to remember them. When choosing a headstone, it’s essential to consider how best to memorialize your loved ones by their interests and desires.

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