5 top career pathways after a diploma in beauty therapy 

5 top career pathways after a diploma in beauty therapy

According to the Global Wellness Economy, beauty and personal care is a 955 million dollar industry. The growth of the industry has been massive over the last decade. This industry has boomed with increasing awareness of self-care and health. 

The personal care and beauty industry has a global market. Many institutions are on the rise, offering beauty therapy courses on skincare, anti-aging, cosmetics, hair care, nails,  and many others. 

The beauty industry can be seen as a growth sector because of its potential for growth in terms of consumer expectations. Thus, it is clear more services are needed. 

If you are someone who gets satisfaction from providing beauty services and wants to take up beauty therapy courses, here is a brief about the possible career pathways after a diploma.

Makeup artist

It is one of the profiles that most people aspire for. According to the client’s occasion, a makeup artist gets to create attractive, even-toned, and flawless skin. You can also work on creating better products that improve the look of the client. You can join a beauty parlour, start your own venture, or become a freelance makeup artist. If you excel in what you do, there are also chances to become a celebrity makeup artist. 

Nail technician 

It is one of the top trending beauty needs for many and the demand for nail technicians is surging in the beauty industry. People wish to have nail art and nail extension to enhance the beauty of their hands. 

If you are someone good at art, you can easily make money. As a nail technician, you will have to clean, cut, and shape the nails of the customer, paint the fingernails and toenails of the customer, and suggest colours, rhinestones, and designs. 

Laser hair removal technicians 

Several products are there on the market for hair removal. However, both men and women prefer permanent hair removal. The fundamental reason for the demand for laser hair removal is the quality of being pain-free. This technology serves as a beauty treatment and also solves the disorder of excess hair growth. 

Beauty therapist 

Being a beauty therapist is a fantastic career with tremendous prospects. It has a comprehensive role. A beauty therapist has multiple functions, from giving a warm welcome to executing the skin analysis and the appropriate treatment. Under this profile, you get to do many different treatments like makeup, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and body massages like hot stone, reflexology, etc. 


People believe that a different hairstyle can give an entirely different look. Many people love to try different looks regularly. As a hairdresser, you will be executing different haircuts and hairstyles according to the face’s shapes. You must be skilled in knowing the advanced techniques of styles, colours, hair care products, treatments, oil, masks, and more. 

Beauty bloggers / Social media beauty influencers

You would have come across several beauty bloggers and social media influencers who are minting money through comprehensive descriptions of skin and hair care, video tutorials, collaborations, and live-streaming classes. 

If you love writing and are also excited about beauty trends and standards, you can try it. You are well qualified to provide beauty advice as you have a professional diploma in beauty therapy.  

Finally, there are many other niches in the personal care and the beauty industry apart from these. Some are massage therapists, consultants, and special effects makeup artists. Take time and know about all the possible profiles to find out which one excites you more and grow your art.

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